Specialization in Wildlife Photography

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Specialization in Wildlife Photography

Specialization In Wildlife Photography

Learn the Aspects of Wildlife Photographs: Wildlife Photography Courses in Kolkata

Are you a nature lover? Does the beauty of wildlife allure you to capture the beauty with your camera lenses? Our wildlife photography courses in Kolkata provide you with the platform to master your camera skills and capture cutting-edge wildlife photographs that spark a splendid story and evoke emotions. At our wildlife photography training institute, we introduce our students to the knowledge of producing actionable clicks and how to use different lenses to add a sense of cinematography.

Get Closer to Nature with our Wildlife Photography Training Institute in Kolkata

Wildlife photography encompasses a broader range of clicks, including nature photography, animals, greens, etc. However, it is a challenging form of photography where much more goes into bringing out the correct approach.

Our wildlife photography training institute in Kolkata teaches the candidates accurate exposure and composition and requires a particular skill for understanding sounds. Herein, our course is designed to provide a balance between technicalities and use creativity to bring out the best.

For instance, wildlife photography includes capturing animals. However, some animals may be challenging to approach and hence, our wildlife photography course educates our students on animal behaviour to understand their actions. Besides, the course teaches our candidates the techniques to stalk the animals without falling prey to their hunger!

Affordable Wildlife Photography Course Fees

Our wildlife photography course envisages taking you through an enthralling journey to explore the various dimensions of the field. At our academy, we have an exuberant team of instructors who are industry exposure as wildlife photographers. Thus, it is an excellent platform for future wildlife photographers to learn through real-life experiences, master fieldcraft and learn more about stalking methodologies. Furthermore, our academy aims to mould an award-winning photographer through the medium of our course.

Enrol for our affordable photography course on wildlife at CAP Academy. Learn all the intricacies of the course at affordable wildlife photography course fees, whether you are a beginner or a professional who wishes to refine your skills.

Enrol in the Best Wildlife Photography College

Our curriculum includes modules which touch on each element of achieving wizardry in wildlife photography. Discover how to unlock the hidden beauties of wildlife and carry out photography at renowned wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, biosphere reserves, etc., with a team of professionals.

Benefits of joining our wildlife photography college:

  • Gain insight into digital image designing through on-field experience
  • Understand the technicalities of using different lenses
  • Learn the art of camouflaging to capture enticing shots
  • Educate yourself on the animal psyche to get the best shots
  • Adapt to newer situations and environments and adapt to changing conditions
  • Create an exuberant portfolio

So, why wait? Get set on experimenting with the nitty gritty of wildlife photography and click award-winning photos with CAP Academy.

FAQs on Wildlife Photography Training
Who is eligible for wildlife photography training?

The course is best suited for all those who are allured to the beauty of nature and wildlife. Our program is designed to teach our candidates everything they must know about capturing stunning photographs, learning the animal psyche, choosing the right equipment and mastering advanced methods.

Is prior experience required for enrolling on the program?

No. You don’t need any previous experience with photography for this program. At our academy, we will teach you everything from camera handling and lenses to advanced settings to capture stunning outputs.

What does the course involve?

We cover the ethical considerations necessary for wildlife photography. We also cover various topics from equipment setting, camera handling and composition to post-processing.

How do I start a career in wildlife photography?

Before starting a career in the field, you must know how to approach wildlife and capture the best pictures. Our course helps refine your skills and learn about using different lenses to get the best shot.

Is there a demand for wildlife photography?

Yes. There is a broad career option open for wildlife photographers who can work as freelancers and join renowned companies like discovery, animal planet, magazines and more.

Specialization in Wildlife Photography

2 Months

16 Hrs.

2 Excursion

86 Learners

53 Reviews

Module I


  1. Introduction on Wildlife Photography
  2. Different types of wildlife photography
  3. Camera, Accessories, and the process of
  4. Discussion on the advantages & disadvantages of different types of
  5. Discussion on Hyper Focal Length
  6. Discussion on the combination of the Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Metering


  1. Photography Tour to a Bird Sanctuary for Practical bird Photography.

Module II


  1. Discussion on the Nature of Birds &
  2. Discussion on the Biodiversity of the nature.
  3. Discussion on different types of attachments and accessories for macro- Photography
  4. Discussion on Macro Photography
  5. Discussion on Bird Photography
  6. Discussion on Infra-red


  1. Photo editing (Post Processing)
  2. Photography Tour to a Reserve Forest for Practical experience
  3. Showreel

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.