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Diploma In Photography

Diploma In Photography

Master Photography Skills with Diploma in Photography Course

Perception and creativity are the two main components of a good photograph. Combining this with the right equipment turns an average picture into a more advanced one. Our diploma in photography course in Kolkata by CAP Academy puts forth the opportunity to shape your career in the photography field. At our institute of diploma in photography, we give our students practical exposure and a practical understanding of technicalities to create aesthetically pleasing output.

Why Should You Join the Institute of Diploma in Photography in Kolkata?

Our institute of diploma in photography in Kolkata is an accredited platform designed to give learners an in-depth view of photography and its nuances. Our diploma program touches all aspects of photography, from image composition, exposure, aperture settings and how to use lighting, ISO, shutter speed and furnishing an impressive photograph with enhanced editing techniques.

Through the course, you will collaborate with industry experts housed as our instructors to gain a comprehensive outlook of the program. After completing the program, you will know the intricacies of building a strong portfolio to showcase to the world.

Insight on Diploma in Photography Fees

We follow a simple process. First, our students can connect with the team as we guide them through the course overview and diploma in photography fees. Then, you can either request a call or meet us at the institute directly to gain further input.

Do not worry whether you are a beginner or an expert, as we have got you covered. Furthermore, we completely understand that photographs form a crucial aspect of marketing and our diploma program promises to turn you into a wizard through our curriculum.

Highlights of Photography Diploma Training

Here is a comprehensive run of what you can expect from our photography diploma training:

  • Connect with fellow photography enthusiasts

  • Participate in periodic workshops, exhibitions and guest lectures

  • Take an active part in photography contests across the country
  • Discover how to use different photographic nuances to develop an impressive output

Our training sessions will cover aspects of using a camera and employing lenses to provide a visual expression. Under the guidance of our mentors, you will be getting in-depth exposure to enhancing your photographic skills, making you industry ready in all aspects.

We cover everything from clicking portraits, street images, moving objects, fashion photography, photojournalism, night photography, wildlife, and more. Get an in-depth understanding of how to use accurate compositions, frames and subject placement. Capture the beauty of the subject through your lenses. Acquire wizardry skills through our well-designed photography diploma.

Connect with us today to get all details of the course. New batches will be commencing soon!

Who is eligible to join the program?

Candidates pursuing a photography profession must meet the institute’s eligibility criteria. It includes qualifying with a minimum of the 10th board examination. For more information, connect with our team for further guidance.

What is the scope of a diploma in photography?

Photography is a blooming career and is highly in demand by numerous industries, including marketing, advertising, filmmaking, modelling and more. A diploma in the field will help refine your skills and become industry ready by gaining practical exposure across numerous aspects.

What are the job opportunities after a photography diploma?

There are numerous job opportunities, from becoming a freelance photographer to choosing a particular genre. Besides, photographers are also in high demand across multiple companies to click appealing advertising shots for products and services.

Do you guide us in setting up our photography studio?

Yes. Our course includes guiding photographers in setting up their studio and detailing other aspects like studio design, equipment placement, background setting, computer software, type of camera and lens filters and much more.

Diploma In Photography

12 Months

90 Hrs.

6 Excursion

78 Learners

29 Reviews

The course contains

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And also specialization in any two

And also specialization in any two

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#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.