Specialization in Fashion Photography

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Specialization in Fashion Photography Course in Kolkata

Specialization in Fashion Photography

Discover Elements of Renowned CAP Fashion Photography Course

The opportunity for fashion photographers is on a surge in the present day. Moreover, the field of fashion opens a myriad of options for aspiring photographers to make a mark in the industry and grow their career graph. At CAP’s academy, we bring our uniquely designed photography course in Kolkata to help talents gain hands-on experience from preparation to post-development aspects of fashion photography. Furthermore, at our fashion photography institute, we are equipped with a grand photo studio, veteran tutors, and industry-standard equipment to teach our students the nuances of capturing alluring fashion photographs.

Learn Camera Skills From Fashion Photography Institute in Kolkata

Our fashion photography classes are designed to meet the rising demands of evolving the market for fashion advertising, magazine photography and films by introducing candidates to the technicalities of the profession.

At CAP’s fashion photography institute in Kolkata, we enable our students to learn the ins and out of fashion in the existing industries. For this, we have built a state-of-art shooting—studio with high-quality equipment and other essential elements. As a result, our students will get to work on real-time assignments to shoot glamorous models and work with a team of eminent stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists at fantastic locations both in the studio and outdoors.

What do we offer?

Learn the basics of camera settings and lighting for different surroundings. Discover how to use lighting to create mood, impact and drama in your fashion images. Work with stylists, models and other professionals to develop a cohesive vision for your shoots.

Collaborate with experienced instructors as guides through the entire process. Implement basic editing techniques and advanced methods such as colour grading, skin retouching and compositing.

Learn Photography Aesthetics through Fashion Photography Classes

The fashion photography classes combine creativity, self-expression, theory learning and practical experience through projects. Our team of tutors include renowned photographers who work towards constantly encouraging students to explore their unique style and bring out their creative voice. Additionally, our course is designed to fully explore the tools and techniques required for taking your fashion photography game to the next level.

Additionally, during the course, you will work on real-time projects and fashion shoots, gaining a hands-on experience in a professional environment. Our course touches on all the minute aspects of becoming a fashion photographer, capturing model shoots for magazines, advertisements and films.

More Details About Fashion Photography Course Fees

Our team ultimately believes in making learning a fun and engaging process. That’s why we have designed a course which is interactive and fun to learn. All students will work alongside other photography enthusiasts, receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced tutors.

So, whether you wish to pursue a career in fashion photography or look forward to exploring your passion, our Fashion photography program is your destination to notch up your skills. Connect with us today for more detailed information about Fashion Photography Course Fees.

Who is suitable for the course?

Our fashion photography course is open for all passionate about fashion and capturing moments with lenses. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, our course will help you refine your skills and take your career to the next level.

Do I require prior experience to join the course?

No. You do not need any prior experience, as we will cover everything from basics to advanced aspects of photography in the course.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes. We will provide you with a certificate of completion at the end of the program to showcase your skills to potential clients.

Which editing software will be used during the course?

We will employ Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for editing and post-processing images.

Specialization in Fashion Photography

2 Months

16 Hrs.

2 Excursion

33 Learners

18 Reviews

Module I


  1. Introduction on Fashion Photography
  2. Discussion on different types of Fashion Photography
  3. Discussion on Indoor Photography with external Flash
  4. Discussion on Lighting ratios
  5. Technical class on Exposure setting & focusing


  1. Practical experience on exposure setting & focusing
  2. Outdoor practical on available light Model shooting

Module II


  1. Colour theory in Fashion Photography
  2. Face Study & Figure Study
  3. Discussion on the necessity of a style maker in fashion photography
  4. Shape created through a figure
  5. Discussion on Model’s gesture & Posture
  6. Low key & High Key Photography
  7. Discussion on Model’s Make-up and Grooming


  1. Practical Class on Model shoot
  2. Practical Class on Product Shoot
  3. Photo editing (Post Processing) Through software
  4. Showreel

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.