Specialization in Commercial Photography

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Specialization in Commercial Photography

Specialization in Commercial Photography

Learn the Art of Shooting Success with Commercial Photography Course in Kolkata

CAP Academy welcomes you to our commercial photography courses in Kolkata, renowned for the end-to-end moulding of candidates into professional photographers. Commercial photography is a uniform term that includes multiple categories underneath. In short, it contains different types of photography to gain commercial attention. At our commercial photography institute, we have a comprehensive method of developing world-class industry-centric commercial photographs.

Discover Camera Power with Commercial Photography Institute in Kolkata

Our commercial photography institute in Kolkata equips our candidates with the basics and advanced elements of learning in the field. Furthermore, our programme aims to provide candidates with an overview of commercial photography history and the art of producing enticing images and impacting the onlookers.

Commercial photography includes clicking photographs for various industries like publications, merchandising, advertisements, media, portraits, brochures, and more. Thus, we have designed a comprehensive programme to instil the right skills to build unique and intensive images.

The certification course combines candidates’ artistic and aesthetic sensibilities to appreciate art and story in every capture. As said, photography has no shortcuts; hence, we run our students through the basics of handling equipment, tools and other nuances to produce top-quality images.

Producing Wizards With Our Commercial Photographer Training

Our commercial photography training will first introduce the importance of visual sensibilities required for commercial photographs. Herein, the motto drives the candidates to learn from mistakes, hone their craft and completely utilize their passion.

Our instructors will guide you in creating the alluring world required for various commercial mediums, including editorials, advertising, and still and moving images. Furthermore, we believe in encouraging our students to learn about the complex connection between user approach and how to transform an idea into output as per client requirement.

What to expect through the training?

  • Explore the connection between moving and still photography
  • Understand the changing dimensions of photography in the commercial market
  • Learn the difference between moving photography, narrative filmmaking, CGI, video imaging and more
  • Discover the technicalities of using camera lenses, exposure, aperture, composition and other intricacies of camera settings

Practice Live in Commercial Photography Classes

Every phase of our course will introduce candidates to the varying aspect of commercial photography. Our classes include providing personalized attention to individuals who want to refine their skills or make a career in commercial photography.

Through our commercial photography classes, we aim to produce wizards with the highest excellence in the field. The curriculum will combine live assignments, portfolio-building, working with photographers, and theory learning.

Connect to learn more about Commercial Photography Course Fees

Start your photography journey with our experts; contact us today to book your seats. It is a one-time opportunity to graph up your career as a photographer in the advertising field. Connect with our experts to know more about commercial photography course fees, modules and duration.

Who are eligible to enrol for the program?

Anyone wanting to make their career in advertising, such as magazines, still photography, moving photography and more, can enrol for the programme. Besides, anyone interested in using the nuances of photography and learning the nitty gritty can enrol for the course.

Is there a demand for commercial photography?

Yes. With a commercial photography programme, you can pursue a career as a commercial, fashion, product, or advertising photographer. In addition, you can also work in the fields of graphic designing, marketing or web development.

What are the prerequisites of the course?

The programme’s prerequisites vary depending on the program and level of study. These require prior exposure to photography, basic knowledge of camera settings and equipment handling. Therefore, checking the requirements for each course before applying is recommended.

How to start a career in commercial photography?

The passion must drive you to capture images and tell a story. For a career in commercial photography, you must know different editing tools and have your portfolio built to showcase your skills to potential companies and clients.

Specialization in Commercial Photography

2 Months

16 Hrs.

2 Excursion

57 Learners

54 Reviews

Module I


  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion on different categories of Commercial
  3. Discussion on camera accessories and different camera setup
  4. Discussion on Studio floor set-up , Lights & Accessories
  5. Discussion on Event Photography (Outdoor & Indoor)


  1. Practical class on Studio floor set-up
  2. Practical class on Lights & accessories set-up.

Module II


  1. Interior Photography
  2. Exterior Photography
  3. Wedding Photography
  4. Industrial Photography
  5. Product Photography (indoor & Outdoor)
  6. Discussion on Jewellery shoot, Glass material shoot
  7. Discussion on the commercial aspect and core business of advertising Photography


  1. Photo Excursion for Practical training on event Photography
  2. Post Processing Through Software
  3. Indoor Practical training on Product & Interior Photography
  4. Showreel

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.