Specialization in Photojournalism

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Specialization in Photojournalism

Specialization in Photojournalism

Capture the Dynamics of Photography with Photojournalism Course in Kolkata

Storytelling goes beyond the use of words. A simple image captured in a particular manner can add to the nuance of storytelling. Photojournalism is a field of journalism which provides photographers with the advantage of telling a story or conveying a message through the magic of lenses. If the surrounding world enthrals you to bring out a thought-provoking visual, then our photojournalism course in Kolkata is for you. Our photojournalism institute in Kolkata hels photographers grip the essentials of conveying a message, stirring emotions and inspiring change through their photography skills.

Learn Crafting Visual Stories with Photojournalism Institute in Kolkata

The exciting world of the photojournalism course encompasses the art of observing minute details and capturing the events with your camera to craft an inspiring story. And that is what our photojournalist institute in Kolkata offers to all photography enthusiasts. This course fits best for aspiring photojournalists or those curious to explore the world of photography in depth.

So what to look forward to taking up photojournalism classes? Our team of experts will run you through the basics of photography, from lighting, composition, exposure, aperture and post-processing aspects. More importantly, this course will concentrate on legal and ethical aspects covering photojournalism’s core.

Brief Insight into Our Photojournalism Classes

To begin with, our experts know how to keep the classes a combination of fun, learning and practical experience. We include a team of professional photographers and veterans who have left a mark in their respective fields.

Photojournalism is more intense than other kinds of photography. Whether it is a political protest or a natural disaster, it includes every aspect of bringing in a heart-warming human-interest story merely through your magical lenses. That is precisely what our photojournalism classes in Kolkata work into.

What do you learn?

Here is a gist of what you can expect:

  • Learn the history of photojournalism
  • Nuances on how to plan and execute a photo story
  • Basics of using lighting and exposure
  • Research a topic to capture a visual on lenses
  • Editing and publishing your images

In addition to the theory, we will allow you to practice your skills by indulging in real-time shooting assignments and receiving feedback from your instructors and peers.

Photojournalism Course Fees and Future Prospects

Joining our photojournalism course will open the opportunity to practice the skills, get in touch with a plethora of resources and mould yourself into a photography wizard. Last but not least, you will also have access to a broad range of resources. These include readings, online tutorials and galleries that will leave you inspired and hungry for your work.

Get in touch with us to bloom your photojournalism career and build a marvellous portfolio. Connect with us to learn more about photojournalism course fees and modules.

What exactly does photojournalism include?

Photojournalism is the art of employing visuals or photographs to tell the news and stories or document real-life events.

What will be covered in the photojournalism course?

The course encompasses the techniques and skills required to capture emotions, people, events and places with a camera. It will deal with telling compelling visual stories that inspire and inform your audience by using the nuances of exposure and lighting, all just through the magic of lenses.

Is photojournalism a profitable profession?

Yes. It is a profitable career for all those who can establish themselves in the field. Individuals can work as freelancers and get into commercial photography or documentary filmmaking.

What jobs can I take up after the photojournalism course?

You can pursue a career in a news organization or as a freelance photojournalist. It opens the door as a documentary photographer and multimedia journalist in addition to working in multiple fields as a commercial photographer, advertising or public relations.

How do I start a career in photojournalism?

You need to know the intricacies of photojournalism along with crossing the hurdles for capturing an enticing click. Moreover, a great portfolio can help in gaining the attention of clients to know your capabilities.

Is there a demand for photojournalism

As per U.S. Labour Bureau statistics, the field of photojournalism has increased incredibly. It predicts a rise by 9% between 2021 to 2031.

Specialization in Photojournalism

2 Months

16 Hrs.

2 Excursion

42 Learners

45 Reviews

Module I


  1. Introduction on Photojournalism
  2. Discussion on Journalism
  3. Characteristics of Photojournalism
  4. Discussion on different types of Photojournalism
  5. Discussion on Ethics of Photojournalism
  6. Discussion on the characteristics of a Photojournalist
  7. Discussion on Documented Photography & Photo story
  8. Discussion on the Title of Photographs


  1. Practical experience on different accessories of camera
  2. Outdoor shooting on a specific topic

Module II


  1. Discussion on the difference between general event Photography & Photojournalism
  2. Technical discussion on fast focusing, fast exposure setting & composition
  3. Difference between the ‘Subject’ and ‘Object’ of the
  4. Discussion on handling the different types of people, rally, violence and
  5. Discussion on `Sports Photojournalism’
  6. Discussion on `How to take an Interview of a Person’


  1. Photo Excursion for Practical Street & sports Photography
  2. Developing Personality as a photojournalist
  3. Practical Experience on handling different types of people
  4. Interviewing People
  5. Quick Photo editing (Post Processing) through Photoshop
  6. Showreel

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.