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Advance Photography

Advance Photography Course in Kolkata – Master The Art of Capturing Compelling Photographs

Photography is more than just having a camera. It is the art to explore the nuances of the surroundings, bringing out the beauty which may go unnoticed by many. That is what makes photography a creative art. CAP Academy’s advance photography course in Kolkata is an in-depth journey through the technicalities and exploration of various aspects of skilling up as a photographer. At our advance photography institute in Kolkata, our students get a platform to learn advanced photographic skills and post-production elements and use advanced tools like drones to showcase photographic talents.

Refine your Skills at Advance Photography Institute in Kolkata

Advance photography program is a certificate program wherein we at the advance photography institute in Kolkata can expand your knowledge. We work towards evolving a student who is already well aware of the basics to advance further into the nuances.

Our students are introduced to detailed techniques involved in clicking awe-inspiring landscapes, portraits and many more genres of photography. In addition, we have designed our module to expand their planning, imagination, editing, and post-production skills. Advanced photography skills prepare talents who want to create a mark in the industry using modern equipment.

Know More: Advance Photography Course Fees and Enrolment

Photography today is not merely a passion. Its importance is recognised in multiple industries, from film, television and creative to that media. Besides, many entrepreneurs and enterprises aspire to work with clients to cover their business products more engagingly.

We aim to provide an affordable program and with our advance photography course fees and curriculum, we help candidates grow ahead in their careers. The program includes working in-house with professional instructors and working outdoors with experts in building a marvellous portfolio.

What to expect from our course?

Our photography course covers broader topics from designing, lighting, digital darkroom, compositions and utilising camera skills to make a mark. Here is a gist of our classroom curriculum

  • Explore advanced techniques of exposure
  • Creatively use lighting to enhance your captures
  • Learn about close-up as well as macro photography
  • Using different compositions

Join Our Advance Photography Training College

We provide a robust program at our advance photography training college combining practical assignments and in-house classes. In addition, our institute has a state-of-art studio to practice photography and video production, lighting kits and many more to gain the grip of turning into an astute photographer.

Visit us today to learn more about our course and connect with us to better understand the course fees, modules and more. With us, you can explore the art of portfolio building and learn how to showcase the work effectively with potential employers and clients.

Who is eligible for the course?

If you are well aware of the basics and get a notch higher with your understanding of photography, then an advance photography course is perfect for you. It is best suited for all photography enthusiasts who want to refine their technique and explore more ideas.

What support is available during the course?

We provide dedicated sessions to connect with students and a team of photography experts. In addition, you will get to reach out to our support team if you have any technical issues or questions about the course.

How do I start a career in advanced photography?

To begin a career in advanced photography, you must know about the various aspects of creating a fantastic photograph. It includes learning about the tools, using lighting and how to develop a compelling story through visuals.

Is there a demand for advance photography?

Yes, photography has been in high demand across different industries. As a result, there is a growing requirement for photographers with advanced knowledge of using equipment, composing and editing pictures.

Advance Photography

2 Months

30 Hrs.

1 Excursion

92 Learners

45 Reviews

Module I


  1. Introduction of advanced Photography
  2. Discussion on necessary menus of DSLR
  3. Discussion on Depth of Field
  4. Discussion on white balance with complete idea on Kelvin
  5. Discussion on Composition
  6. Rule of Third and Golden Ratio for the composition
  7. Discussion on Maths and Geometry in Photography


  1. Practical application of the camera
  2. Shooting outdoor or Indoor

Module II


  1. Discussion on the important rules of Photography
  2. Discussion on Exposure
  3. Special Discussion on bracketing, active D-Lighting & HDR
  4. Discussion on the necessity of the quality control of the files
  5. Indoor Lighting
  6. Discussion on Model Photography
  7. Discussion on different types of Photography like documented Photography, candid Photography, art Photography, nature photography
  8. Discussion on different sector for Professional Photography and the commercial


  1. General Idea on Post Processing through different Software
  2. Photo editing in Photoshop
  3. Photo Excursion for Practical Experience
  4. Indoor Photo shoot on our floor
  5. Showreel

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.