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Enhance Your Writing Skills With Short Term Writeup Training Course in Kolkata

A photograph speaks a million words. It carries the power to volume a message through the medium of visuals. However, knowing the craft of adding adages or captions also makes an essential part of the process. Our academy thus has curated a well-designed short term writeup training course in Kolkata. The course deals with producing refined writeups that go well with the photograph. We are listed as one of the top short term editorial training institutes that teaches the art of creating refined captions and image descriptions that align with pictures.


Overview of Short Term Editorial Training Institute in Kolkata

Our short term editorial training institute in Kolkata brings a comprehensive course to enlighten the pupils about the basic skills required to gain visual literacy. The curriculum runs the candidates through the necessary elements to create impressive editorial writeups illuminating what the photograph tries to tell.

Why are writeups important?

  • It works as a supporting document to describe the photograph
  • Assists in writing impressive content on the photograph
  • Helpful in the field of journalism
  • Build an overall skill in photography and writing

Students are assisted by industry experts through in-class and practical experience. Gain a complete overview of the entire program by contacting our teachers and instructors.

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The program includes an academic series that provides step-by-step insight into various dimensions of writing. We begin with basics and graduate towards advanced writing capacities. Students will learn more about using keywords, paragraph building, visual representation and how to write catchy writeups, adding all nitty-gritty of good editorial content for advertising and social media.

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Join Our Short Term Editorial Courses College in Kolkata

Are you inclined towards building a story using a visual? Then our short term editorial courses college will help you gain complete proficiency in the field. The program includes introducing students to the nuances of editorial writing for newspapers, magazines, and digital media.

Each class will include theoretical training combined with workshops, practical training and tests to gain a complete understanding of the subject. Skill up your descriptive capabilities by enrolling in a first-of-its-kind course combining photography with writing.

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What is the scope of the course?

The course opens doors for students who want to make their career in writing, editorial writing, photography, and writing for digital and paper media.

What is the eligibility for the course?

There is no particular qualification required to enrol for the program. Anyone can take up the program with a minimum of a 10th standard degree, leaning towards photography and knowing how to convert your thoughts into words.

What is the duration of the writeup course?

The course duration will range between weeks to months, depending on the class duration and curriculum. Please connect with us to learn more details about the program.

What will you learn in the program?

Students will be introduced to the basics of creating writeups, using keywords and adding descriptive lines, and editing the final output.

STC - Write-Up/Editorial Training (English & Bengali Language), Journalism based


8 Hrs.

1 Excursion

58 Learners

94 Reviews

Module I


  1. Brief history and how it differs from cinematography
  2. Basics of Video cameras – their operations and application
  3. Visual Composition – shots, angles and camera


  1. Camera Operations
  2. Practical class for the camera angles & movement

Module II


  1. Basic rules of framing –rule of third, point of view shots, over the soldier, suggestion/ preference, two shot
  2. Importance of continuity, cutaways, filler, reaction shots
  3. Role of gears – tripod, slider, crane


  1. Practical experience of the gears
  2. Practical experience of using Lights
  3. A short film
  4. Basic idea of video editing
  5. Different stages of editing process – sorting, assembling, rough cut, final cut, export
  6. Basic concept of continuity, 180-degree rule
  7. Editing of different scenes
  8. Introduction to editing software
  9. Basics of sound
  10. Final Production of a short

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.