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Unrival Stories Through Enchanting Videos – Short Term Videography Course in Kolkata

Do you have a hidden storyteller in you who likes to narrate your thoughts, transforming them into a visual treat? Then become a part of our action-packed short term videography course in Kolkata offered by CAP Academy. A doorway to a bright future as a videographer, our short term videography training institute touches on all nuances of bringing out and refining the hidden filmmaker in you.

Learn Next Level Filmmaking at Short Term Videography Training Institute in Kolkata

At CAP Academy, we provide a platform to qualify as a full-time filmmaker. The certification program is a quick run through the entire syllabus without a short period. During this program, our instructors will assist you in learning all the necessary skills and techniques to grade up your talent in creating and editing videos.

Our short term videography training institute in Kolkata houses the best talents from the industry backed with years of experience. Thus, we guarantee you an unlimited riverine of knowledge, understanding and expertise in using various tools necessary to transform the game of video editing.

Highlights of Short Term Videography Training

Our short term videography training has all the ingredients for a newbie curious about upskilling their talent. In addition, our tutors work towards helping you articulate the intricacies of a video editing course.

Here is what is kept in store for you:

  • Learn about filmmaking using DSLR and DIY cinematography
  • Discover adding cinematic effects to wedding filmography
  • Overcome the hesitation of handling the camera and related equipment
  • Learn to prepare a script to have a clearer picture of the video purpose and CTA
  • Understand combining creative camera framing and including scenic transitions
  • Work in unison with industry experts on real-time projects

Our short-term course will take a long way if you are ready to immerse in the unending fun of creative video building.

How to enrol for a short term videography course college?

Admissions to our short-term videography course college open new doors to creative excellence and opportunities. Woking with our team, you will get the chance to build your portfolio, ask constructive questions to professionals and enhance your capabilities in pursuing a career in the field.

Our classes include capturing movie images, employing electronic media, commercial motion productions, and editing the final output. During the course, our students will run through various techniques like camera handling, shooting and movement, editing and post-video production techniques.

Furthermore, our college is equipped with state-of-the-art studios providing our students with a broad experience in audio-visual activities, sound recording and much more.

More Details Short Term Videography Course Fees

There are no minimum criteria required for enrolling on our videography course. If you have enthusiasm, they can convert into a marvellous final output, opening many options for building a profession in the field.

Connect with us today to better understand short term videography course fees, the modules and the training technique. So, what are you waiting for? Upscale your career as a videographer with our well-designed videography course to improve your expertise.

How long will the videography course take?

It is a short-term course, and the duration will range from a few weeks to months, depending on the course’s curriculum.

What are the opportunities available after the videography course completion?

After completing the videography course, many career options are available, including working as a freelance videographer, video editor, or content creator, and opportunities in the film and television industry.

How can I start with the videography career?

Foremost, you must know the field’s technicalities to begin a career. Therefore, our short-term course prepares the candidates with practical training in handling scripts, editing, adding effects and composing the final output.

What topics are covered in the videography program?

Topics encompass camera settings, functions, knowing in detail about lighting,audio recording, editing software and post-production techniques. Connect with us today for a complete course overview and other information.



8 Hrs.

1 Excursion

58 Learners

94 Reviews

Module I


  1. Brief history and how it differs from cinematography
  2. Basics of Video cameras – their operations and application
  3. Visual Composition – shots, angles and camera


  1. Camera Operations
  2. Practical class for the camera angles & movement

Module II


  1. Basic rules of framing –rule of third, point of view shots, over the soldier, suggestion/ preference, two shot
  2. Importance of continuity, cutaways, filler, reaction shots
  3. Role of gears – tripod, slider, crane


  1. Practical experience of the gears
  2. Practical experience of using Lights
  3. A short film
  4. Basic idea of video editing
  5. Different stages of editing process – sorting, assembling, rough cut, final cut, export
  6. Basic concept of continuity, 180-degree rule
  7. Editing of different scenes
  8. Introduction to editing software
  9. Basics of sound
  10. Final Production of a short

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.