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Discover Techniques for Video and Audio Editing with Short Term Video Editing Course in Kolkata

The world of video editing has evolved to a great extent. It is not just about combining different frames alone but goes beyond. A prime aspect of our academy is our short-term video editing course in Kolkata that combines filmmaking and creative and technical aspects. Join our short term video editing training institute to learn the nuances of editing videos and how to work on multiple projects, including creating videos for social media, films and advertisements.

Join Our Short-Term Video Editing Training Institute in Kolkata

All credit goes to the evolved IT industry that has enhanced how videos are made more appealing and engaging. It has also opened many career options in multiple industries, especially filmmaking and advertisements. Our short term video editing training institute in Kolkata provides talented artists with expertise in deploying compelling videos that touch the audience’s heart.

Herein, our candidates collaborate with instructors through all phases of video editing, including combining footage, conversion, and adding effects to post-production. Whether you are a starter or already possess sufficient knowledge surrounding the technicalities of video editing, our short-term course will help in notching your editing game to the next level.

What does Our Video Editing Course Certificate Include?

Editing is an art which involves adding visual appeal to frames. On the fundamental level, our short term video editing course certificate will enable students to work on different video editing aspects, whether for social media reels, short films, feature films or animations.

Some of the prime features of our course consist of the following:

  • Creatively working on adding layers of images, music and effects
  • Learn to pace the frames and reimagine the actor’s performance
  • Add sound effects and sync them with the frame
  • Assemble shots into coherent sequences
  • Edit and delete dialogues which look better for storytelling

Our quick course will mould you towards graphing a career as a filmmaker and director working with renowned companies.

More Details on Short Term Video Editing Course Fees

Our video editing course is designed to teach students everything they need to know about video editing. It encompasses the basics of editing software to understanding the advanced techniques for colour grading and audio mixing. Furthermore, you will learn how to organize and import your footage, cut and slice out clips together and add music, sound effects, titles, and thumbnails.

Connect with us for more details on short term video editing course fees and increase your confidence to take on any video editing projects. We will teach you to edit all types of videos, from short social media clips to full-length films.

Enrol in our Short Term Video Editing Course College

Our short term video editing course college includes experienced instructors with years of experience in the field. We collaborate with students to help them use effects and transitions to create a seamless and engaging video that captivates the audience.

By the end of the program, we promise to skill up candidates to turn their ideas into polished, professional quality videos that stand out from the crowd. So visit us now to graph up your career.

What is the scope of the video editing course?

Video editing is in high demand across multiple industries, including digital platforms to filmmaking. Enrolling on a short-term video editing course can notch up your chances of getting an excellent job in video editing to create reels, full film videos, animations, and short films.


Which software is employed for editing videos?

The software used during the course varies depending on the program, but commonly we employ software like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.


What topics are covered in the short-term video editing course?

Topics covered in the short-term editing course include:

  • Learning about video editing software.
  • Organizing and importing footage.
  • Cutting and slicing clips.
  • Adding music and sound effects and basic colour grading and audio mixing techniques.
How will the video editing course benefit me?

The course will help in gaining valuable skills in video editing, learning how to create professional quality videos and being able to take on multiple video projects with confidence.

STC - Video Editing


8 Hrs.

1 Excursion

58 Learners

94 Reviews

Module I

  1. Brief history and how it differs from cinematography
  2. Basics of Video cameras – their operations and application
  3. Visual Composition – shots, angles and camera



  1. Camera Operations
  2. Practical class for the camera angles & movement

Module II


  1. Basic rules of framing –rule of third, point of view shots, over the soldier, suggestion/ preference, two shot
  2. Importance of continuity, cutaways, filler, reaction shots
  3. Role of gears – tripod, slider, crane


  1. Practical experience of the gears
  2. Practical experience of using Lights
  3. A short film
  4. Basic idea of video editing
  5. Different stages of editing process – sorting, assembling, rough cut, final cut, export
  6. Basic concept of continuity, 180-degree rule
  7. Editing of different scenes
  8. Introduction to editing software
  9. Basics of sound
  10. Final Production of a short

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.