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Ace Your Photography Game with Short Term Portfolio Management Course in Kolkata

Photography as an art has evolved to a great extent. It is not merely limited to capturing objects or moments behind the lenses. But numerous things go into making a photograph captive. In addition, it is the technique of storytelling using your perceptive knowledge. That’s what our short term portfolio management course in Kolkata offers. As a short-term portfolio management training institute, CAP Academy provides a platform for understanding the professional process and building a tailored photography portfolio.

Personalize your Talent at Short Term Portfolio Management Training Institute in Kolkata

A portfolio is a must in photography that will help you exercise your skills in developing impactful photographs. In addition, a well-curated photography portfolio will help you exhibit your talent to your clients, companies and more.

Our short term portfolio management training institute in Kolkata caters to assisting students in working on projects in real-time with in-house and outside-the-classroom industry experts. Additionally, our students collaborate with instructors on a short-term program enabling self-practice, independent study and portfolio creation.

Details on Portfolio Management Course Fees

The photography portfolio course encompasses a comprehensive approach that includes lectures, demonstrations, creative exercises with experts, on-field visits, workshops and personalized training. Moreover, you will get to work with professionals in the field, assist with their work and develop an impressive portfolio.

The portfolio management course fees are entirely affordable, wherein we work towards providing a detailed understanding of the photography process and skill. After the course, you will know the perfect knack to create an original and tailored portfolio that will further the progress of your career and future studies.

Highlights of Portfolio Management Training

As a short-term program, the training will involve the tactics of building a complete portfolio of photographs that tell a story. Here is what the course will include:

  • An overview of your digital workflow
  • Using alternative processes and putting into practice analogue darkroom skills
  • Gain an insight into the history of photography, critical aspects of photography and exhibitions
  • Implementing skills in printing, scanning and colour management
  • Enhance your studio skills

The USP of the course is that there are no set criteria to qualify for the course. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, our portfolio management training caters to tutoring all individuals to add a new carve to their profession. So connect with us today to add a new dimension to your career and develop an enhanced portfolio.

Who are eligible for the program?

Anyone who wishes to learn the techniques of building a portfolio of imminent clicks and pictures can take the program. Whether you are new or an expert, this course is open to all photography enthusiasts.

How will the portfolio management course be helpful?

The course will help you understand how to arrange your best works, add effects and make it compelling to showcase to your clients and companies.

How long will the course take to complete?

Depending on the curriculum, it is a short-term course ranging from a few weeks to months. Connect with us today to learn about the course fees, duration and more.

Will I be provided with a certificate after the completion of the course?

Yes, you will be provided with a certification of completion post the program.



8 Hrs.

1 Excursion

58 Learners

94 Reviews

Module I


  1. Brief history and how it differs from cinematography
  2. Basics of Video cameras – their operations and application
  3. Visual Composition – shots, angles and camera


  1. Camera Operations
  2. Practical class for the camera angles & movement

Module II


  1. Basic rules of framing –rule of third, point of view shots, over the soldier, suggestion/ preference, two shot
  2. Importance of continuity, cutaways, filler, reaction shots
  3. Role of gears – tripod, slider, crane


  1. Practical experience of the gears
  2. Practical experience of using Lights
  3. A short film
  4. Basic idea of video editing
  5. Different stages of editing process – sorting, assembling, rough cut, final cut, export
  6. Basic concept of continuity, 180-degree rule
  7. Editing of different scenes
  8. Introduction to editing software
  9. Basics of sound
  10. Final Production of a short

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.