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Develop Your Street Photography Skills with Short Term Mobile Photography Course in Kolkata

If you get allured by the surroundings and like to capture them on your phones, our short term mobile photography course in Kolkata is the perfect fit. With advanced mobile phones, it is easier to click high-quality photographs even through your mobile phones. Herein, our short term mobile photography institute teaches you the art of enhancing pictures and transforming them into award-winning outputs through our well-designed programme.

Join Short Term Mobile Photography Institute in Kolkata to Click Amazing Clicks

Our generation can be well defined as a smartphone generation who know how to utilize powerful devices in multiple ways. However, even if you do not have a high-hand camera, your smartphone can still create magic.

Do you want to know how? Our short term mobile photography institute in Kolkata the nitty gritty of capturing marvellous images through the phone. Often you may be stranded in conditions where your camera phone cannot capture alluring candid moments. These can be due to very dark surroundings or getting a blurry image.

But our mobile photography program will teach you how this humble device be used for showcasing your wizardry in photography. So whether you are a watchdog or wish to capture candid pictures of your friend, we will help you ace the craft using your smartphone.

Learn More About Short Term Photography Courses Fees

At CAP Academy, we bring you affordable, comprehensive courses. Contact us to learn more about short term photography course fees and modules.

Our instructors equip candidates with the knowledge of using various software and tools to capture, redefine, edit and share images. Besides, we assist our students in editing the picture ready for social media across different platforms.

Thus, with our program, you can build the best photographs simply through your smartphone without hassle.

Advantage of Joining Our Short Term Mobile Photography Course College

So, what can you gain from the course? Check out below:

  • Gain expertise in handling different mobile cameras
  • Learn more about important topics related to mobile phones
  • Enhance your approach to spotting and taking various photos
  • Gain confidence in taking the best photographs
  • Get personalized assistance from tutors and experienced instructors
  • Evaluate your progress
  • Build your portfolio

It is a great start for everyone who wishes to gain visual literacy and capture high-quality pictures through their smartphone. So connect with us today to enrol for our short term mobile photography course college and enhance your vision of clicking alluring photographs.

What will the course include?

The course will teach you various skills and techniques, including techniques to use mobile phone cameras effectively. In addition, it includes how to compose and frame shots, edit photos and more.

What is the scope of the mobile photography course?

Mobile photography is growing in popularity, considering its cost-effectiveness and having it handy whenever required. You require an internet connection to access course materials and a smartphone or tablet to capture pictures.

Who are eligible to take up mobile photography course?

Anyone can take the course regardless of their photography experience or skill level. So, whether you are new to the field or a more experienced photographer, there’s always something new to learn.

Can I take a course on mobile photography with any mobile device?

Yes. Most mobile photography programmes are designed to meet the specifications as laid out by the course. However, checking the course chart requirements before availing of the program is recommended.



8 Hrs.

1 Excursion

58 Learners

94 Reviews

Module I


  1. Brief history and how it differs from cinematography
  2. Basics of Video cameras – their operations and application
  3. Visual Composition – shots, angles and camera


  1. Camera Operations
  2. Practical class for the camera angles & movement

Module II


  1. Basic rules of framing –rule of third, point of view shots, over the soldier, suggestion/ preference, two shot
  2. Importance of continuity, cutaways, filler, reaction shots
  3. Role of gears – tripod, slider, crane


  1. Practical experience of the gears
  2. Practical experience of using Lights
  3. A short film
  4. Basic idea of video editing
  5. Different stages of editing process – sorting, assembling, rough cut, final cut, export
  6. Basic concept of continuity, 180-degree rule
  7. Editing of different scenes
  8. Introduction to editing software
  9. Basics of sound
  10. Final Production of a short

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.